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Ready to get started with hand-spinning?  

We can guide you and suggest the equipment and techniques needed

to enjoy this ancient craft

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We stock yarn and roving from these Local Farmers and Artisans

  • Brightwood Farm Yarn from our own flock of Tunis sheep

  • Cedar Mesa Ranch: Navajo-churro yarn and roving, natural and dyed; Dolores, CO

  • Cherry Creek Valley Farms: alpaca yarn and roving,  Hesperus, CO

  • Loun Wools: Cormo Navajo-churro roving, natural colors; Mancos, CO

  • Oak Tree Farm, Natural, undyed roving; Romeldale/California Variegated Mutant (CVM) sheep

  • Woolabull. Hand-dyed Yarns, Handknit scarves and stitch markers.

  • woollylizard: hand-dyed yarn and roving, handwoven items, Cortez, CO

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